Article 38 – Equity and mediation in neighbourhood conflicts

1. Conciliation and mediation between people who live in the municipality whenever a conflict arises due to coexistance will be key to the Ombudsman’s performance.

2. The Ombudsman shall enjoy full independence in the exercise of his/her functions in relation to other public authorities, and to his/her municipality’s City Council in particular.

3. During the Ombudsman’s term of office he/she may not hold any other position in public office, which particularly excludes holding an executive post at the political party where he/was may be an active member.

4. The term of implementation of the mandate shall be 3 years with a maximum of five years without the possibility of re-election.

5. The post will be unpaid, notwithstanding the duty of the Local Corporation to provide suitable premises with relevant human and material resources, and cover the costs specific to the Ombudsman’s activity.