1. The President of the Government shall continue to be acting head of state at the time of the declaration of independence and until this Constitution has been published.

2. The President’s duties will include: chairing the Constituent Assembly, calling a referendum to approve this Constitution and representing Catalonia before the international community.

3. The President shall also call legislative and presidential elections.

Article 95 – Judicial review

1. The Board of Constitutional Guarantees has no competence to review ex officio or ex parte, the text of the reform once approved by popular referendum.

2. No political party, public institution or private law has the legitimate right to appeal against previous unconstitutionality for the partial reform of the Constitution, once this has been endorsed in a referendum.

Article 93 – Popular Referendum

1. If the constitutional reform is complete and includes some of the articles that guarantee fundamental rights, it will be submitted to a referendum within 30 days once approved by Parliament.

2. The referendum shall be binding and require a simple majority of voters and of the valid votes cast for its approval.