One of the oldest usages (XV century) that lead to the final compilation of the Constitutions and other rights of Catalonia1 conducted in 1701 reminds us that: “each nation chooses its own law.”

In fulfillment of that mandate of our ancestors, the people of Catalonia, fully aware that all nation powers stem from the free and sovereign will of the citizens, has decided to enact this Constitution with a view to ensuring equality before law, protecting human dignity, securing the separation of powers and promoting participatory democracy and respect for the fundamental values included in the United Nations Universal Declaration of 1948, the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the 1977 International Covenant on Economic and Social rights, the European Union Treaty, and the Earth Charter adopted at the World Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1997.

The Catalan people, acting freely, and in the knowledge that our history so requests since our 1481 Constitutions and rights were abolished in 1714, firmly and proudly vindicate our past and affirm the present existence of the Catalan national identity, and aware that the power of a nation emanates exclusively from its people, enact this Constitution and solemnly declare that we are brothers of all peoples, seek fraternity, friendship and respect from them, and with the strength of our sincere determination, we provide full cooperation in the development and the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms for everyone around the world.