Article 4 – The language

1. The official language of Catalonia is the Catalan, and shall therefore be preferentially used by all public administrations in their respective areas of competence.

2. Given Catalonia’s present demographic and social situation, and with the explicit aim of ensuring the best possible coexistence among all Catalans, whatever their origin, the Spanish language enjoys the status of a co-official language, and may be used orally and in writing by all citizens who wish to do so.

3. Aranese is the official and own language of the Aran Valley, and Aranese is fully co-official with the Catalan.

4. Public authorities will ensure non-discrimination on the grounds of language, as all languages deserve the same respect and are part of everyone’s personal and free choice.

5. We herein declare that language and culture favours internal cohesion, common prosperity, social embeddedness and diversity in the country.